Acuite Features

Revolutionize your reporting and decision making with real time information from every level of your construction project – your business and your bottom line will thank you for it.

Real-time Performance Info:
The Competitive Edge

Acuite’s construction intelligence software collects data on time spent vs. baseline, cost performance and margins, quality, health and safety, and the performance of your teams on the ground. The smart application aggregates the data and analyzes trends, representing all of the critical information you care about in an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard so you know exactly what is happening on-site, what the risks and opportunities are, in real-time.

No more waiting for a month to get a project progress report. With Acuite you’ll streamline your processes, you’ll make reporting more efficient and accurate, and you’ll link it all in with your pre-existing systems.


Faster, Easier Incident Reporting.

Acuite’s health and safety app automates your processes, so your team waste no time on manual reporting: it’s as easy as taking a photo.Reports are automatically filed on site, so you have a reliable, online record. These are integrated with your company’s KPI’s and incentive programmes. You’ll get real time updates on the health and safety performance of your company, project, and contractors from an intuitive dashboard – wherever you are.

Tackle Defects Faster

Fast, efficient repairs mean less downtime and better margins. Acuite’s defect management app helps you do just that, so your projects stay on track.

The teams use the Acuite app on their mobile or tablet devices, to record issues, mark the location and assign the work to responsible subcontractor.

Integration with existing Information Systems

Acuite collects and combines information from systems your project teams are already using.

It makes it fast and seamless to roll out Acuite – you get the information you need in a central, easy-to-use dashboard, without disrupting your team’s day-to-day operations.

We customise integration for you and your systems

The strength of our existing systems & Acuite combined together is to give access to accurate information quickly so that our staff focus on our core function & business which is constructing projects; not extracting & sifting data.
Richard Joseph, Dominion Constructors.