Better Information to Build the Construction Industry

Designed by construction industry experts, Acuite is all about giving you the information you need to streamline your projects.

During their careers, David and Antonia recognised the need for a better, more efficient operations to manage large construction projects.

Whilst construction companies run projects in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, at its best companies make 5% margin levels, and in many cases, significant loses. What they saw was savvy, experienced business people who were hamstrung by having to work with disparate information systems and outdated performance reports in order to make decisions.

The problem? Even in the most technically-advanced organisations, operational processes were manual and isolated. There was no way to efficiently oversee the entire project.

Construction Intelligence Software - Acuite

The Result is Acuite.

Acuite automatically collects the information you need to put you on the front foot. It’s designed to help you manage your projects proactively, so you can spend your energy making game-changing decisions, instead of fighting fires.Acuite collects and aggregates data from across your whole project. It presents real time information on a central dashboard at head office, helping you catch problems before they happen. Protect your margins and stick to timelines. Since it’s subscription-based you just pay for what you use.

Purpose-Built by Construction

The experts behind our construction intelligence software: David and Antonia, both with Bachelors’ degrees in construction, have delivered projects with a value totaling over a billion dollars during their combined 20 years’ experience in the construction industry.

They understand the industry from the inside, and at every level. Antonia has worked as a project manager, representing several international corporates for new builds and refurbishment projects. David has worked as a site manager for some of New Zealand’s largest commercial construction projects. He was also awarded Apprentice of the Year in 2005 and NZIOB Best Academic performance in 2009.

David Speight
Antonia (Tony) Krivo

Management Team

Meet Acuite – the passionate team of experts, dedicated to bringing business intelligence to the construction Industry.

You won’t usually find construction managers, tech nerds & software developers occupying the same space, until now! Through combining practical experience with technical capability we are delivering a world class innovative system that will transform the way the industry operates.

David Speight
Antonia (Tony) Krivo
Simon Fisher
Tech Lead
Micheal Murray
Software Developer
Jane Pacey
Product & On-boarding Manager