New Partnership announced

New Zealand construction software company Acuite has formed a partnership with Australian time lapse
services leader, photoSentinel which promises to deliver tangible benefits to the construction industry across both sides of the Tasman.

Construction productivity software has been game changing in the past few years.

The integration is another step forward for Acuite CEO, David Speight, who has spent the last year in
Melbourne forging beneficial partnerships as well as growing their client base.

Speight says: “The practical innovation and direction being shown by both of our companies, and its integration
will further enable the construction industry to digitise and make their processes more efficient.”

PhotoSentinel, based in Melbourne, was founded in 2004 and is now a world leader in remote cameras for
construction monitoring.

Acuite launched in 2014, providing a construction-specific business intelligence reporting platform that
seamlessly integrates into existing systems and gives real-time dashboard views into project and portfolio
health. It also provides state of the art HSE and quality tools to the teams on the ground.

Andrew Harrisson, photoSentinel CEO, says his company has worked hard to ensure its API (Application
Programme Interface) is simple and powerful enough, so that other members of the Construction Tech
ecosystem can access construction site photo data and combine it with theirs to create better solutions.

“We are impressed with the way David and his team from Acuite have leveraged our API to produce some
amazing results that we believe will really benefit the construction community. They have used the photo
stream from our construction cameras to improve their product and deliver what their customers need.”

The collaboration is already helping construction companies, like Johnstone Construction make their
processes more efficient.

Managing Director, Hugh Johnstone says the Acuite/photoSentinel integration means he is able to increase the
visibility on his company’s projects by supporting data analytics with real time visual progress.

“The majority of our works are remote from the client and our head office. This integration means being in
touch 100% of the time, from projects as far away as those we have in Israel to throughout New Zealand.”

“Our commercial team can seamlessly update programmes, justify variations, and make informed instructions
to contractors and clients alike without pulling the site manager off their day to day tasks.”

Johnstone says project reporting now uses real time photos from photoSentinel cameras to produce a report at
the click of a button, surpassing anything his company has been able to do previously.

The technology is also a valuable new tool in relation to health and safety. “We can include actual imagery to
support Health and Safety events and investigations logged in Acuite,” Johnstone says.